Welcome to Wrack Wrap LLC

Welcome to Wrack Wrap LLC  where we design & create environmentally friendly solutions for business, home & life. 


We design, prototype, and manufacture a variety of products for industries and private consumers alike. While the core of our business mainly services the cash in transit (CIT) industry or armored car services, we have the design capabilities to produce products across a wide spectrum of business. Industries we service include automotive, aviation, and commercial transportation. 

Designing reusable shipping products like our signature Wrack Wrap help our clients eliminate waste and offers them the  ability to reduce their environmental footprint while reduce shipping costs. 

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Our signature product the Wrack Wrap was designed and produced mainly for the cash in transit industry, however, this product can be designed to accommodate any steel shipping rack for a variety of industries.  The wrack wrap has allowed armored companies to have a reusable product to help secure coin bags and boxes on standard U.S. Mint  coin racks while in transport. This product has become an environmentally and cost efficient solution for the armored transportation industry by virtually eliminating the need for stretch film as well as reducing loss and labor due to ripped coin bags while in transit.

Designing products like the Big Green Bag we were able to provide a padded, moisture resistant, reusable shipping insert for a major commercial vehicle manufacture to ship engine heads overseas. The Big Green Bag eliminated the need for costly one time use vapor corrosion inhibiting plastic packaging and padding while reducing packaging  labor time and overall shipping cost.     

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Our Mission

Continually design, improve and produce environmentally sustainable products for business, home, and life. By producing quality, long lasting products we are able to help reduce landfill impact created by today’s cheaply manufactured throw away products while helping businesses increase productivity and reducing overall cost.