Wrack Wraps

Wrack Wrap is a reusable shipping cover for industrial steel shipping racks and has been designed to be used repeated  times in the shipping process. The reusable coin shipping cover for coin skids is one of our specialty products developed for the cash & coin management industry. 

Wrack Wraps are normally  constructed from an extremely durable, urethane coated, 1000 Denier Nylon fabric thus making it abrasion resistant and water repellant, other materials are available for sensitive applications. Our standard fastening system consists of 1″ nylon webbing and nickel D rings for quick and secure cinching, fitted with quick release pull tabs for easy and fast release. Other fastening systems are available for custom orders.


The Wrack Wrap product can be manufactured to any specification including using  non conductive materials for sensitive products and work areas. A variety of materials, and fastening systems are available, or if special requirements are needed for your racks we will be glad to accommodate you if we are able. A wide variety security features are also available from simple grommets for applying shipping seals to fully lockable pilfer resistant security mechanisms.

Basic Wrap.jpg
Basic Wrack Wrap

The Basic Wrap is our most economical and popular wrap it has been designed to fit standard coin skids used by armored transport carriers and is currently being used by several major armored transport/cash management companies in the US.

The Basic Wrap is designed to help secure the sides of loose products being shipped and stored on standard coin skids or industrial steel racks. The Basic Wrap may also be used as a guide to assist in the proper stacking of coin/cash on the skid during the preparation for transit.

The wrap is constructed of 1000D nylon and is secured on the coin skid with our standard 3 –  1” “D” rings and nylon straps. A tension release strap allows easy removal.  Fully customizable wraps are available to provide the best possible options. 1000D nylon color options, fastening devices, company logos, locations/ownership, view windows, and, bill of laden windows are available.

Top 1.jpg

The Deluxe Wrap is designed to fit a standard coin skid and is currently being used in 11 states in the US and is a very popular choice among the major armored transport carriers.

Our Deluxe Wrap is designed to cover various products being shipped and stored on industrial steel racks. This wrap can be manufactured in any size and used in a wide range of applications in the logistics industry, providing an economical returnable packaging option. 

 The Deluxe Wrap pictured has been designed for the coin and cash management industry to provide adequate protection for coin bags/boxes on a standard coin skid while in transit. The Deluxe Wrap replaces stretch film, securing the coin bags/boxes thereby preventing tearing or ripping of bags which could result in hours of clean up and potential loss (a common occurrence when using stretch film). 

Deluxe Wrack Wrap
Security Wrap wStraps.jpg
Security Wrack Wrap

This Wrap is the same basic design as the Deluxe Wrap and has been designed to provide maximum “pilfer resistant” features for industries who need to keep products secure during shipping. The Security Wrack Wrap has incorporated easy to use ratchet strap buckles that lock the wrap to the rack and the wrap to itself to provide additional security. Additional eyelets have been applied to allow for extra shipping seals. Once the ratchet straps are tightened around the coin skid and the handles on the ratchet buckles are secure, a tamper evident security seal is placed through the handles preventing the ratchet buckle from being opened.


1000D nylon panels under the top of the wrap buckle to the back of the main body to prevent access to the contents.The Security Wrap can be used for inventory control as well shipping.  Color coded straps and product identification windows can be used to provide easy identification of product.Like the Basic Wrap and Deluxe Wrap, the Security Wrap may be customized to fit your requirements. 1000D nylon color options, fastening devices, nylon strap colors, company logos, locations/ownership, view windows, and, bill of laden windows are available.

Cost Analysis

The Following is Based on a Standard Coin Skid Measuring  39″ x 26″x 22″

Average cost of 90 Gauge stretch film 18″x 1500′ = $24.00 per roll

                                                                                                                         Stretch film cost per foot = $.02

Average length used to wrap 1 coin skid 1 time = 120′

                                                                                                                        Cost to wrap 1 coin skid with stretch film 1 time = $1.20

                                                                                                                        Cost to wrap 1 coin skid  w/ stretch film 350 times  = $420.00

                                                                                                                                                 Cost of Wrack Wrap Basic Coin Wrap = $47.00 

Total Savings = $373.00* per skid over the estimated life of Wrack Wrap (approx. 350 times)

*Saving does not include labor to wrap stretch film, loss of product, or time loss to clean up damaged or spilled product, which could potentially increase further savings!

Several of our customers have reported using our product every day for 3 years before needing replacement!




Other Interesting Facts

  • Each Year the United States Manufactures Enough Stretch Film to Wrap The Entire State of Texas

  • Stretch Film Has A Life Expediency of One Use Then it is Discarded

  • Plastics Are Petroleum Based Products Competing With Fuel, When Oil Goes Up So Does The Cost Of Plastics

  • Approximately 1/3 of All Commercial Waste Consists of Packaging & A Very Small Percentage Gets Recycled

  • The Average Time for Plastic Products to Bio-Degrade in Landfills is 120-240 Years

  • Your Shipping/Receiving Department May Not Be Recycling That Plastic After All